I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy because I love working one on one with people and I enjoy being a “healing coach” for the clients. I love encouraging them and helping them reach their goals.
My favorite part of the program was meeting all my amazing new friends, and also learning more about myself.

My favorite hands on modality to learn was trigger points. I am looking forward to learning more about energy and clinical work.

My most valuable takeaway was “It’s not what YOU want, it’s what the client wants. And to have pure, wholesome intentions.” OSTMY has changed my perspective on how I view human beings and the importance of a loving touch. I am a people person, I love being creative with my massages, and I love listening to clients.

I see myself either owning my own practice or working at a hospital/wellness center. My advice for anyone interested in joining the program is to be ready to honestly look at yourself, be open and always grateful, time goes by fast.

With the power of love, comes the power to heal. I love this school so much!