October 28, 2015

CE Courses



  • Total Required Hours: 24

  • Mandatory Hours: 6
    • 2 hours of Ethics
    • 2 hours of Preventing Medical Errors
    • 2 hours of Florida Laws and Rules Governing the Massage Therapy Act
  • Elective Hours: 18
  • 12 of your 24 required hours must be completed in a live classroom setting


To register: Download form from website, http://pranichealingcentralflorida.com, email: danyelsama@yahoo.com or call Dan 813-765-0874

Learn to heal yourself and others in one weekend


January 25th-26th, 2020. Saturday 9:30-6pm, Sunday 9:30-5pm

April 4th & 5th, 2020. Saturday 9:30-6pm, Sunday 9:30-5pm

NOT SURE BUT INTERESTED? COME TO OUR FREE INTRO CLASS: January 16th from 12pm-3pm or March 14th from 10am-1pm.

14 CEUs FOR Licensed Massage Therapists.

In basic Pranic Healing you will learn and practice subtle energetic techniques.

  • Sense (feel), see, and understand subtle energies.
  • Scan with your hands to assess energetic causes of pain and disease.
  • Learn the 11 major Chakras and the corresponding organs.
  • Discover aura cleansing or lasting health and healing.
  • Practice with simple steps to remove old, stagnant energies.
  • Revitalize the chakras and organs.
  • Cut draining cords, to quickly let go of stress.
  • Learn energy first-aid for cuts, bruises, burns and sprains.
  • Energetic hygiene to remain disease-free and feel good.
  • Practice Meditation on Twin Hearts.
  • Learn Self-Pranic healing and distant Pranic Healing to heal remotely.
  • Practice Praninc breathing to recharge yourself.
  • A foundational course towrds certification program.

COST: $400


January 20th-24th, 2020
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

– $1150.00 (REGISTER HERE!)

  • Special OSTMY Graduate Rate: $850.00 (Call to make your payment)

5 Courses taught in 5 days for a Bachelors Level Certification in MLD!

Description: TITLE: HOLLYWOOD MED-SPA STYLE MLD OF THE FULL BODY – ABOUT THIS COURSE: The MLD Institute Int’l is an industry leader with 20 years of experience training and bringing MLD to the menus of the World’s top resort spas. In the med-spa, MLD practitioners perform MLD for health, wellness, beauty and pre & post cosmetic surgery. Our photos were shot live in Florida hospitals with our Plastic Surgeon Advisory Board.

TITLE: BOCA LYMPHLIFT OF THE FACE – ABOUT THIS COURSE: The research is in! In June of 2015, the University of Virginia discovered lymph vessels in the brain, and underlying player in diseases of the CNS (Central Nervous System). Lymphatic Drainage of the head, neck & face whether for medical conditions or beauty, is a conservative approach that is physician recommended.

TITLE: MOMMY & ME MLD ABOUT THIS COURSE: Inspired by the many phone calls received at Lymphedema Treatment Services Clinic (LTS) by concerned mothers for their children. 20 years ago, we were among a handful of MLD practitioners specializing in the care of mothers-to-be and pediatrics. It was a team approach working closely with their physicians but highly rewarding. Today, with physician diagnosis and early intervention, MLD can benefit both mother and child.


TITLE: SPORT’S CLINICAL PRACTICUM – ABOUT THIS COURSE: MLD Institute Int’l’s course serves to take the practitioner through a simulated clinical experience in preparation for certification. It is an intense, timed experience for those who have taken all the pre-reqs. It is the protocol utilized by the LTS Clinic where professional athletes are treated with MLD, Standardized Measuring, Documentation of Clinical Outcomes, Self-Care and HEP’s are performed.

TITLE: SENSORY INTEGRATED MLD – ABOUT THIS COURSE: This course is dedicated in memory of the many patients who experienced the pain-relieving effects of Manual Lymph Drainage in Hospice, giving them a quality of life enhanced with Sensory Integrated Modalities approved by compliance agencies in healthcare settings. MLD Institute Int’l has conducted private in-house training for many hospitals, outpatient rehab facilities and hospices.