I am passionate about making individuals feel better.
~Ileis Figueroa
I love helping people, especially the elderly.
~Asmin Fregis
This program offered me an excellent overview of the profession in this country and all its variants.
~Mariela Rodriguez-Corbalan
My favorite part was the patience of the instructor and his knowledge. His ability to teach is outstanding.
~Jose Vargas
This school has increased my hunger for learning more and more.
~Luciana Araujo
I wanted a career where I could be myself at work, a place of peace where the job is to help others and do good.
~Lee Day
OSTMY has changed my perspective as it has given me insight into modalities that I would have never considered.
~Lisa Dawson
My goal is to help guide every client towards the pathway of healing, wellness and relaxation by sharing our knowledge and providing professional massage.
~Kimberly Roberts
I love to heal and in that love it can take me anywhere.
~Sven Dugandzic
OSTMY has changed my perspective on how I view human beings and the importance of loving touch.
~Nicole Boccia
After receiving multiple massages for relief, and working in the health field, the idea really resonated with me.
~Madelyn Ferry
I have discovered that I have potential to be warm and caring which I always found myself cold and never really thought about the importance of touch.
~ Jordan Boardwine
Come into this program with the desire to work on maintaining your health throughout your career!
~ Flor Alvarez
Favorite part of the entire program was learning about cupping massage and the power it has to heal what our hands can reach.
~ Diana Segura
My favorite part of this massage program was our awesome instructor Teddy! We were truly lucky to have someone who genuinely wanted to see us take off in our careers and wanted to be there every step of the way!
~ Jayme Ponder
My favorite part was during the clinical hours, when clients would come in with pain they felt and through out the massage their pain either healed fully or felt way better than before.
~ Gladys Alvarez


My favorite part was the holistic approach to the program, it was exactly what I was looking for; As well as the people met and the friendships I made.
~Verónica Ortiz Vega
My biggest advice for someone wanting to join the program is that it’s not just a massage therapy program it’s a program that will change your life. The education you get is so beneficial to your overall well-being.
~ Jessy Kimbrell
This program has changed the way I see my body, not just the outside but how deep all the systems go inside, it also gave me perspective of how broad massage therapy is and how many different modalities there is to learn.
~ Karina Pietri

OSTMY was the exact confirmation of knowing that more exists. More learning, more community, more support, more acceptance to what is, more guidance, more vulnerability and more love.
~Leticia Gonzalez
I decided to study therapeutic massage to help relieve people who live with chronic pain, and help heal humanity.What I enjoyed the most about this program was the level of knowledge we received from instructors, the therapist I worked with along the way. ~Rebecca Flamino
My favorite part of the program at OSTMY was diving deeper into the therapy of massage and each system in the human body. I gained more knowledge that I am proud to take with me in my career. I woudn’t have been able to achieve this without the dedication of my instructors who encouraged myself and fellow students. ~Jordan Youngblood
The most valuable takeaway from this program is having all this knowledge and go out there and help the community.This program has taught me a lot. It has changed me as a person and how I see my body. I feel myself being more positive and aware of me and my surroundings.One of many strengths I discovered about myself is being more grounded and present for my clients. Being able to work more on my energy has helped me a lot. ~ Nicole Torres
I pursued my career in massage therapy because I saw it as an opportunity to grow and open many doors into the medical field along with healing.The teachers and the presence of the school was my favorite part of the school. Raven and Ann kept me grounded and focused. ~ Huguette Hernandez