September 30, 2015

Graduate Gallery

The experience of a lifetime! This school gave me everything I need to grow as a certified massage therapist. The space was fantastic. And the teachers were even better. Thank you Raven, Mary and all of my fellow graduates for one of the best experiences of my life. ~ Katie Brandes

What a great experience! The quickest, most economical choice for massage learning in Florida, combined with amazing energy and lovely instructors! ~ Meegan Descheneaux

I was in the massage therapy program (evening class) and it was awesome. My teacher was very knowledgeable with a background in physical therapy and clinical massage. I definitely learned a lot about anatomy and got a taste of many different modalities and techniques (Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology, cupping, PNF, myofascial release, sports massage, aromatherapy, etc).

Class size was super small. I understand that the school is still growing, so that my change. Still, the small class size of seven people made a fantastic environment for the teacher to give individual attention to each of his students. It felt very personalized for each student. We were fortunate enough in the night class to have a daily two hour clinic to practice on each other as well as a public clinic to start working on bodies other than your fellow classmates. Lecture time included anatomy and theory.

Although this program is more affordable than other programs, I don’t feel I got a cheap education. I passed the MBLEx with no problem. I haven’t gotten my license yet, but I’ve already interviewed at a couple of different spas and gotten job offers at all of them.

I will say that it’s hard to juggle 40 hours of work and 16 hours of school, but if you’re dedicated and know you can handle the workload, you’ll be fine. Definitely a great choice for someone who’s looking for affordable training with flexible payment plans. ~ Dominique Turner

OSTMY is a fantastic place to train for a career in massage!
The school offers a comprehensive, varied massage training program at a very reasonable cost, especially when considering that other local schools charge $10,000 MORE than OSTMY for a comparable program.
The teachers are experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly. The program itself offers exposure to many different modalities, along with in-depth anatomy and physiology coursework, to fully prepare students for the licensing exam.
The organization of the program and small class sizes ensure that every student has lots of one-on-one instruction, along with lots of hands-on hours.
I would definitely check out OSTMY if you’re considering becoming a massage therapist! ~ Anthony Segreto

This is a wonderful school. The massage therapy program is perfect for those who want a thorough education. I felt comfortable and prepared when taking the mblex. Teddy Narvaez (massage therapy instructor) and Ravenflower Dugandzic (owner, school director) have put in much heart and hard work into this school. I am happy to have chosen Orlando School of Therapeutic Massage and Yoga. ~ Omar Mashood

I was a student at Orlando school of therapeutic massage and yoga and I absolutely loved it!!! Raven the owner is amazing and is so understanding and will help you out if you need it. The school was always clean and organized. We always had whatever we needed. I enjoyed my experience and would definitely recommend. The material I learned was also very thorough and detailed. I feel very prepared for my future career. ~ Siara Seese

This school was perfect for me! A very intensive program. An amazing value for what I’ve learned, with a fantastic 4-month schedule. My instructors were top-notch and well-experienced in both the theory, and practice of all things massage, and anatomy/physiology.
Thank you to our wonderful Director, Ravenflower, and to our superb instructors! ~Eric Stahl