Graduation Requirements

  • Meet the minimum  attendance  requirements.
  • Complete all required coursework with a minimum passing graded of C
  • Pay all fees & tuition in full to Inspirit School of Healing Arts
  • Return all library books and equipment used

A diploma from Inspirit School of Healing Arts will be awarded to the student when all of the above requirements have been met.

Transfer of Credit Policy

To determine transferable credit and establish what will be needed for Florida State licensure, the applicant must:

  1. Provide an official transcript from a Massage School which is licensed as a school in the state in which it operates, showing attendance, in hours, of training that equals or exceeds those required for graduation from ISHA. Transcript must have been awarded within the last 24 months.
  2. Obtain at least a 70% (“C” Grade) on a bypass exam for each segment of our program for which there are sufficient hours for transfer in order to get credit for that portion.
  3. The State of Florida Commission for Independent Education requires that anyone attending a school by virtue of transferring from another school with the intent to graduate with a diploma must attend a minimum of 25% of that program. Therefore, anyone entering ISHA in this way must take at least 127.5 hours of instruction with us.

All transcripts will be reviewed by the school’s Director within 1 week of receiving them. Students will be notified by the Director within 2 days following the review of the transcripts.

Transfer-ability of credits from ISHA to other institutions shall be determined by the receiving institution.

Any hours needed by the student to satisfy the attendance requirements of ISHA may be taken, once all the necessary bypass exams are passed. These hours may be attended in our regularly scheduled classes.

Applicable Transfer Fees:

  • Transcript review $75.00* – Applicable if transferring previous education credits.
  • Transcript reconciliation $75.00* – Applicable when someone is transferring to another state that requires us to align our coursework against their requirements (except State of New York where fee is $250.00).
  • Bypass Exam $50.00* – Per exam.

Other Applicable School Fees:

  • Make-up hours $10.00/hr* – For hours made-up beyond allowed 20 hours.
  • Bounced check $25.00 – Charged when a check is returned.
  • Late tuition payment $25.00 – If paid more than 3 days after due date.
  • Reproduction of Diploma $25.00 – Requested in writing by the graduate.
  • Official transcript $25.00* – Official transcript bearing the school seal.

*Non-refundable fees. Subject to change.

Leave of Absence Policy

Due to the nature of the program at ISHA, any interruption of program time is rigorously discouraged. In certain emergency situations, a leave of absence may be unavoidable. In these cases, a discussion with the instructor is required and the student is responsible for making up all missed time and assignments. A request for a leave must be in writing with the date of expected return specified. If the student does not re-enter within the specified time the student enrollment agreement will be cancelled and he/she will be granted a refund according to the refund policy. The maximum time for for a leave of absence is 14 days.

Make-Up Policy & Fees

This is an accelerated program: therefore, all absences will have to be made up. Students will be required to make up all assignments, exams, or other work missed as the result of an excused or unexcused absence. The student must make arrangements with the instructor to ensure that all work is made up before the end of the segment in which the work was missed.

Fees: Failure to attend the Midterm or Final Exam necessitates a $25.00 make up fee. Fee will be waived if student was ill or there is a death in the family. Appropriate documentation needs to be provided to the Director of Education.

Personal Advisement/Counseling

Instructors and staff will assist students who are having academic difficulty or personal problems that are preventing them from success. The instructors and staff are available to meet with the student by appointment or informally. If needed the students may be referred to other professionals in the community; cost will be responsibility of the student.

Career Services & Job Placement Assistance

ISHA demonstrates an on-going commitment to the success of each student and graduate. Job placement assistance services shall be provided to all graduates with no additional charge. No guarantee of placement directly or indirectly is implied. Records are maintained permanently for all graduates.

ISHA Career Services assists our graduates in a variety of ways, including:

  • Maintaining a current listing of Massage Therapy opportunities.
  • Assisting in researching potential employers.
  • Assistance in creating short term and long term career goals and job search.
  • Interview preparation, guidelines and follow-up.
  • Maintaining relationships with current and potential employers.
  • Assessment of professional appearance.
  • Critiquing and proofreading resumes.
  • Evaluating your professional image as presented in your portfolio.
  • Providing information regarding options in the Massage Therapy industry.