November 2, 2015

Massage Certification Application

Application online to apply for the massage certification course at Orlando School of Therapeutic Massage and Yoga.

Thank you for your interest in attending the Massage Certification Course. For best results before getting started:

Scan the form below to prepare your documents. Be in an uninterrupted environment & where you WON’T lose your internet connection. Prepare answers to the short essay questions. Get Professional Reference & Personal Reference Information ready. Take photos with your smartphone & email them to yourself of your Proof of ID (driver’s license, etc.) and Proof of Education (GED, HS Diploma, etc.). Prepare to pay for the $150 application fee.

Massage Program Term:

First & Last Name

Mailing Address (Include: city, state, zip)


Primary Phone

Secondary Phone (if applicable)

Date of Birth


US Citizen Current State of Residence OR
Non-US Citizen Visa Issued By:

Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor
(Excluding traffic violations)

Current Occupation

Good Start!

Where did you hear about the Orlando School of Therapeutic Massage & Yoga?

Previous Education

Emergency Contact Information

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Relative Contact Information

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Personal Reference

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Getting There!

Professional Reference

Reference Name

Reference Title (LMT, Physician, Yoga Instructor, etc.)

Reference Phone

Reference Address (Include: city, state, zip)

Briefly tell your personal experience with massage, including why you want to attend massage school

How do you learn best? How have your past learning experiences (both formal & informal) served you or disappointed you? Do you have any learning disabilities or special needs?

Describe your emotional and physical readiness to fully participate in our program. (If you are unclear about this statement, please make an appointment to talk with an instructor.)

How do you take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually? How will you continue to do this as you begin your education in massage therapy? What tends to sabotage your self-care, and how do you address that?

How do you plant to meet your tuition requirements and take care of yourself financially while you are in school? Please be specific.

Almost Done

Student Application Checklist

In addition to your application, please submit to the school the following items: Proof of Age, College or High School Diploma

Proof of Documentation

Upload Files

Payment Options

Once the school has received your application and the emailed documentation, a school official will call you to arrange an interview to complete the admissions process. Call us to ensure we've received everything. (407) 720-6555 | 7575 Kingspointe Pkwy., Ste. 21, Orlando, FL 32819