Why did you decide to pursue a career in Massage Therapy?

It was something that called me when I was 3 years old, and was still calling after I graduate college.

What was your favourite part of the massage program?

All of the beautiful people I had the opportunity to meet. And learning how to understand not only other people’s body, but also my own.

What was your favourite hands on modality to learn?

Trigger point, Cupping, Thai.

What was the most valuable take-aways?

 Knowing that there is a community of people similar to myself and so many different healers to learn from.

What are you looking forward to learning more about when you graduate?

 Pranic Healing

How has ISHA changed your perspective?

ISHA gave me more confidence in knowing that I have a place as a healer and has showed me just how powerful touch on it’s own truly is.

What specific strengths have you discovered about yourself?

That I am knowledgeable, calming, comforting, strong, and have a smooth radio voice.

What massage therapy setting do you see yourself utilising your newly acquired skills?

In every interaction I have on and off of my table.

What is your biggest piece of advice for anyone interested in joining this program?

You are more than capable to do well. You just have to read the textbook and genuinely want to be a positive part of someone’s healing journey.

What is your current mission statement?

“Creating a space that facilitates healing of the mind, body and spirit through integrative body work techniques”.