Zarah Waddell

  1. I decided to join this program to have a career in massage therapy.
  2. My favourite part was the interactions with people—instructors, colleagues, and clients alike. 
  3. I enjoyed learning the most about Sports and chair massage.
  4. I believe massage is a way to love yourself. 
  5. I look forward to learning more about Barefoot Shiatsu. Reiki. Hot stone. Trigger Point Therapy.
  6. The rabbit hole has many passages. 
  7. I’m always eager to learn more even though I forget things easily. 
  8. I see myself as a mobile massage therapist moving to different office settings at a day to day basis. I also would like a home base. 
  9. My advice to anyone joining the program is that it’s ok to take breaks. Put the books away. Put the notes away. Don’t look at anything massage related– that includes chopsticks and Chinese soup spoons. Do something else, rest your brain. 
  10. Let your inner self grow.