I tried to pursue a career in nursing and something did not click. When it came to massage it felt right. I want to be able to work on a personal level with people and help them get pain management without meds or 24/7 doctors. 

My favorite part of the program was Clinic, by far. I love massaging people.

My favorite hands on modality to learn was sports was fun for the energetic stand point because I needed so much energy. I also liked trigger point because people feel so much better after the trigger point release. 

My favorite takeaways were modalities, different techniques. How massage effects people emotionally. 

I would love to learn more medical massage. Prenatal and using cups.

This program helped me become a much better person. See different perspectives of things. Understand my worth. Energy around us. The important of wellness. 

I realized that I am good at making others feel better and I am stronger than I am. I’ve found my worth to an extent here. 

I see myself working anywhere.

My advice to anyone wanting to join would be whether you’re great at book work or not, don’t stress. You can be a great therapist regardless. 

I am not sure what my current mission statement is but I just want to focus on my own happiness for once.