I decided to become a massage therapist to help my community improve, not just physically but mentally as well. Restore most of their youth, with a caring and warming touch. Lastly, to remind people that massage it’s not just a rub down, but a healing touch from all the heavy pressure we carry in our every day lives. 

My favorite part of the program is the we never wasted time on anything. The instructors did a great job on making sure we cover all the topics on time. 

My favorite hands on modality had to be sports mx and reflexology. Those are the two that stood out the most and would love to pursue advanced training after I graduate. 

The most valuable takeaway was the friendships that I was able to make my time here. Hearing and understanding another people’s background and who they want to pursue the same career as me. 

I would like to take advanced learning in several modalities that would help me work with athletes. 

OSTMY has changed my perspectives in so many ways, at first, I thought we were only going to learn about a 50 min Swedish massage. But this school gave us the ability to learn about different modalities in such a limited time. 

I discovered that I’m a very fast learner and I love learning about the different modalities massage has to offer. 

I would like to start at a spa, just to gain that experience, while also working attaining my advanced training. Then I would like to settle at some sports facility.

We are learning a lot of information in a small period of time. Make sure you take good notes, practice massaging different people as much as you can and try to study everday for at least 30 mins. 

My mission statement is: Loading… no pressure. Coming soon…