I wanted a career where I could be myself at work. A place of peace, where the job is to help others do good. Where I can use my natural talents, that are not much used elsewhere and capitalize them.

The idea of massage therapy came to me when I lost hope that there was anything good left to live for. It reminded me that there is a field of love and healing that is good. It never occurred to me that I could practice and make a living.

Having nightly clinic was by far my favorite part of the program. 8 hours of giving and receiving per week. At my previous massage night school, we only had 2 hours per week. It gives you confidence that your abilities will be your marketing tool fresh out of school. On a macro level, having a school run by an owner who is heart centered and flexible. Flexibility to help students achieve their goals, knowing we all have unique life challenges getting through school. Our instructor Tedy really cares about doing a good job teaching. Always running over to answer your questions in lab. Never for a moment do you think he would rather not. He puts 110% into each day, preparing daily material, without showing burnout. Even though we all had burn out points. He responds quickly to texts and is always sending bonus educational materials through group texts that he finds online; caring about the quality of the education as if personal to him.

So far my favorite modality has been cupping. Trigger point therapy opened my eyes because of how powerful and effective it is, with little side effects to my leukemia. Followed by foot reflexology.

My most valuable takeaways was that giving a massage is not about showcasing your best moves. It’s about turning into your client and their body, and listening. Setting your intention to serve their highest purpose. Not having any expectation during the session. Letting the hands find their way in discovery and having your client’s best interest in mind the entire time.

I am looking forward to learning more about reflexology and Thai massage. Rehabilitation exercises and techniques to help people in pain.

For me personally, the energy, intention and the way the school is run has gained my trust again. My first school experience needed so negatively, that I thought that is how the field of massage therapy is. The feeling, good will, love and intention of massage therapy is embodied at OSTMY. This is the feeling of the career. This existence of this school is so desperately needed in Central Florida. I have toured them ALL. This school operates with the same feeling and intention as what I have experienced in the hands of healing therapists.

I have a natural inclination for touch and pressure. My empathic abilities will one day be my ally, but for now cause a great deal of ups and downs. I discovered that I can easily get into mediative state and that I am touching into “help” from the spiritual dimension at times. I am getting better at checking my ego when it emerges.

I do not yet know where massage therapy will take me. Probably everywhere to start. I like incorporating energy healing and I like to take pain away. I will do best under my own rules, in my own space. I like to give this away. Definitely massage animals as part of my practice.

This is the best school in town in terms of quality instruction and integrity. Small classes with personal touch. No weird corporate energy or disgruntled employees who can’t reach or don’t care. Caring is number one here, and that all starts with Raven. Tedy cares just like her, and makes sure the night class gets great honest education. Flexibility is HUGE for me, and is why I was able to graduate massage school. Thank you Raven!

For me personally, because this is where I faltered, it would be to have substantial employment that worked around school. Ideally, it would be best to work part time by having money saved up. That said, if it’s your time to jump in to school, don’t get worried about the details not being perfect or having all your ducks in a row.

The curriculum is condensed, like many other MT programs are. Burnout for me is easy with anything. After a while, I just need a break from the subject matter. It happened at both massage schools. Work/life/school balance can be hard. If you can keep up with the homework, you will get more out of it while in school. On the other hand, Tedy is a good teacher and communicator. You learn while in class. At the other school, the teacher was not good at communicating ideas. Most learning was done at home with the textbook.

My current mission statement is to help people and animals find a place of peace inside themselves, or connect to the spiritual real of peace and love. To help us connect on a loving level that living in a human society takes us away from. To facilitate healing forces and energy to guide us together in helping you raise your state of health.