Unwind and feel enlightened!

  • Easy to travel and growth in the field, projected growth 25% average
  • My favorite part of this program has been learning the modalities and everything the massage field has to offer.
  • My favorite hands on modality was reflexology.
  • The most valuable take away from this program to me has been the personal connections you make with people just by touch.
  • I look forward to learning more about energies and chakras. More about how to connect with your client on a more personal level. Being in sync.
  • Ostmy has given me a great and affordable education but also a great experience that will never forget . It has enlightened my perspectives.
  • I have discovered that I have potential to be warm and caring which I always found myself cold and never really thought about the importance of touch.
  • Maybe to start in a spa or resort, really want to do some traveling
  • My biggest piece of advice for anyone interested in joining this program is to study muscles throughout the entire program.
  •  Unwind and feel enlightened!