I’ve always known that I want to help others, wether emotionally or physically. When I learned the power of massage when I was a child I just knew it was ment to be.

My favorite part is during clinical when a client comes in hopping I can assist them with a pain they feel and through out the massage their pain either heals fully or at least feels way better than before. Modality: Reflexology, its so interesting

One of the most important takeaways is knowing the power of self healing before I can heal others.

There are so many modalities I would love to keep exploring: reflexology, Thai massage, sports massage etcOSTMY has changed my perspective on energy and how powerful it can be.During my time at OSTMY I discovered that I am a Very big people person.I see myself working in clinical massage. I want to massage people who need it

It’s a great program give it your all and take notes! To bring  people massage to who need it the most