My favorite thing about this program was learning different modalities and learning the kinesiology of muscles. Thai massage, LMT, neuromuscular therapy and cupping are currently my favorite modalities.

One of the most valuable takeaways was learning about massaging with proper posture, learning pathologies and contraindications, also learning other body organs of bones and muscles.

I am looking forward to learning more about Thai massages neuromuscular therapy and cupping since they are currently one of my favorite learning modalities and I may add cranial once I learn those.

This program has definitely made me feel more at ease in regards to massage. That I can look into it scientifically and not just artistically. I guess to be able to feel if a muscle has a problem or not.
I see myself using what I’ve learned at home, in a clinic or a resort.

Join in with a purpose, be ready to commit yourself into staying fit and healthyTo help regain, maintain and support a person dexterity.