I decided to obtain a career in massage because of a few different reasons. The most important reason is because I love to help people as much as I love seeing people happy and healthy. If I can play a role in someone’s life to help lead them to wellness, I have succeeded and feel gratified.

My favorite part about this massage program is our awesome instructor, Tedy! We are truly lucky to have someone who genuinely wants to see us take off in our massage  careers and wants to be there every step of th way! The convenience of the part time schedule, as well as the affordability were definitely pluses!

My favorite hands on modality, so far have been either hot stone or cupping. They both put a little spice into your everyday Swedish massage.

Onbe of the most valuable takeaways I would say is the advice to get experience before jumping into your own business. I get so excited about owning my own business but I must understand and accept the obstacles that come with it.

I am looking forward to learning more about deep pressure techniques and energy work. Definitely going to look into certification classes for those (upon many others.!)

OSTMY has changed my perspective a little bit but more so has cemented the idea of becoming a massage therapist. I had so many questions coming into the program that I now fylly understand.

One strength that I’ve discovered about myself is that I am very professional. I’ve noticed that once I’m taught something, I know how to mae it flow and feel natural. I am now good at making people feel comfortable in settings they aren’t used to.

I see myself utilizing my massage therapy skills within my next career while also on my family/friends. I am so ready to move on from what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years, I can’t wait to guide people to a path of wellness by using my knowledge and skills!

My biggest piece of advice for anyone thinking about joining this program is to totally go for it! If massage is something you see yourself doing, there is no better program out there! OSTMY teaches you everything you need to know to start off a massage therapy career. Although you have much more to learn after graduating, it is an awesome start!

Let us provide your life with wellness and healing from our touch.