I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy because I feel like im doing something good for people and the world by providing them a sense of awareness in their body.

Favorite part of this program where my teacher, the friends that I made in the program and all the embodiment,  and hands on practice we got. My favorite hands on modality was deep tissue, trigger point, lymphatic drainage, tai yoga, reflexology, cranial sacral and chair massage. Something I will always take with me is the embodiment work, movement and flow to incorporate in my practice through touch. Looking forward to leaning more about lymphatic work, reflexology and anything else that Calls me along the way.

This program has changed how I see my body, not just the outside but how deep all the systems go inside, it also gave me perspective of how broad massage therapy is and how many different modalities there is to learn. Along the way I discovered my personal power to be able to achieve everything I set my mind and heart to, I also learned confidence within myself in my practice.

My biggest advice for anyone looking to be part of this experience is to get ready to learn about massage therapy in a deeper way so hold on for the ride and learn about yourself along the way.

Karina Pietri, Day program. Graduated January 2019.