Until I really understood the mechanisms of therapeutic touch in an environment that truly cultivated MY inner growth, I had only grasped a reality of health, science, and wellness in a linear way. This school opened my entire understanding to the expansive nature of what opportunities massage therapy can create. I am so eager to continue this growth.

Day one was my favorite part. We opened our minds and our hearts into a heart circle, which created a catalyst of “favorite partʼs” following every day afterwards. Iʼve never looked forward to every day more than I have in this program. The space, my instructors, my sisters of the class, all contributed to endless perfect moments.

Everymodalitywasagreat experience! Barry Cooper really caught my attention with Ayurveda, TCM, and Thai yoga. Teddy blew my mind with his craniosacral work, and from day one Raven created a natural flow of our entire class being great NMT therapists.

Maintaining my energy, my health, and my wellbeing, was the biggest take away from this program. I constantly think of “You cannot give, what you do not have” -Milton Trager

Ayurveda and TCM have a strong force pulling at my heart, but I am fulfilled to learn more about myself throughout this journey.

OSTMY was the exact confirmation of knowing that more exists. More learning, more community, more support, more acceptance to what is, more guidance, more vulnerability, more love.

I am. I am boundless and there are no limitations. This strength will guide me to fearlessly dive into everything that I am manifesting. This readiness is what I hope to nurture as I encourage others to do the same so that we can all raise the collective vibration of the community I hope to see prosper.

Advice? You already know it all. Trust yourself and allow your manifestations to happen.

Leticia Gonzalez, Day massage program. Graduated January 2019