I decided to pursue a career in massage therapy because a way to heal is with the power of touch. In order to accomplish this the most beneficial and powerful way, I needed to learn deeper about the mind and body individually, along with connecting the two together.

My favorite part of the program at OSTMY was diving deeper into the therapy of massage and each system in the human body. I gained more knowledge that I am proud to take with me in my career. I woudn’t have been able to achieve this without the dedication of my instructors who encouraged myself and fellow students.

I am looking forward to learning more about energy work. Prior to starting the program I knew very little about it, energy work is so intriguing and essential to massage therapy. OSTMY gave me the gateway to want more.

Life is precious. My mission is to bring happiness and health to individuals through the power of touch as a way to cope through the many stages that life brings us.

Jordan Youngblood, Day massage program, Graduated January 2019.