Massage Therapist Income

There are so many practical questions that many of you have, about making a move for the better and becoming a licensed Massage Therapist. I mean let’s face it, not too many of us grow up dreaming about becoming massage therapists when we are young, right? So here is what is practically important for me personally to know, and since I was in your shoes at one point in my life, it might just be something you wondered about yourself.

$$$$$$$$$    MONEY   $$$$$$$$$

Is it something that is going to provide enough income once you are done with the school?

Do I make Money as a Massage Therapist?

What is the average hourly/yearly pay/salary that I can expect to make as a licensed practitioner once I complete school at OSTMY?

Those are some awesome questions regarding money and in case the word MONEY does not feel as good to you. It helped me reach more abundance once I thought of it more in terms of what I do and purchase with it, as opposed to simply reducing it to money. So, let’s answer some questions about how much FRUIT you will be making once you have your diploma, and you are walking out of our school, tall, proud and confident. Oh yes, about that confidence and those questions.

So, can I make money as a Massage Therapist Google oh Google?

And the Great Google responds:

“Massage Therapists‘ Earnings by State & City. … The minimum salary a massage therapist receives there is over $60,000. The average salary is well over $80,000 and you can easily make over $40 an hour. In terms of cities, Boulder is the leading city where massage therapists can earn the highest amount of money. Feb 7, 2015”

Well that is some awesome news my Google.

To feel comfortable regarding finances I need to know if there is growth in the field of Massage therapy and what is the projected growth in the field Google oh Google?

And the Great Google responds:

“Employment of massage therapists is projected to grow 26 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Continued growth in the demand for massage services will lead to new openings for massage therapists.”


Those are some awesome stats to help you make that choice to become a Certified Massage Therapist in state of Florida, but hold on I know my practical people, they have more questions. Questions about the cost, time they will need to invest and most of all D-Question.


Ok before I answer the last one I’ll just go ahead and seek help from my awesome psychic friend Google.

How long does it take to obtain a Massage license Google oh Google?

And the Great Google responds:

“Legal minimum hours for obtaining a massage therapy license vary by state, and these minimums range from 330 to 1,000 hours. Depending on how your program is structured, you can obtain your license in a matter of weeks, or it might take you up to two years.”

Well here at Orlando School of Therapeutic Massage and Yoga you can get your diploma in as little as 5 months, we also offer a 6-month program. Both total 517 hours, so with that said, I take pride that we are one out of few in state of Florida that do this in less than half a year.

What about the cost of Massage schooling Google oh Google?

And the Great Google responds:

“This equates to a tuition range of between $6,000 and $10,000 for your certificate, depending upon the school and its location. For example, Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy charges $10,750 for a 600-hour certification program.”

Well would you look at that! I do say I am proud to be below the lowest average cost according to my friend. First time to be proud about being below the average minimum. It also means that you would pay less and save more than just about anyone that didn’t get their diploma through OSTMY.

The Total Cost of the Massage Program is as follows:

Application Fee: $150.00 (non-refundable)

Textbooks & Supplies: $225.00

Tuition: $5,465.00

TOTAL: $5,840.00

Ok, ok I know it seems like I am avoiding D-Question but in all honesty, it is my favorite. Not sure about you, but I keep my best for last, so WHY OUR SCHOOL?

Because Orlando School of Therapeutic Massage and Yoga was created by a once and forever student, one of you. As someone who has went through some of the same things you are getting ready to go through, I want to assure you, it is in the core of my intention, to be invested in your success, in your well being and in your confident representation of the school through the work that you do. Our final state board massage exam is just over a 90% pass rate!!


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Massage Therapist Income

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