In as little as 5 months you could become a LICENSED MASSAGE THERAPIST. For a fraction of what the other schools cost, you can start your career around serving a purpose.

Did you know the state of Florida only requires a student to complete 500 hours of schooling in order to apply for licensure? Our school has just over that minimum requirement, offering a 517 hour program. We have eliminated all unnecessary hours and have refined our curriculum to teach only the most relevant information in order for each student to become a knowledgeable and skilled licensed massage therapist.
Why is our tuition lower than many other schools? We are a private small school, only accepting 16 students per term. We do not work with the government and offer financial aid so therefore we must make our program affordable enough for students to be able to make monthly payments.
Why choose us?
We are a heart-centered school that truly cares about each of our students! From admissions to graduation and even after licensure we are your support system that is ready to assist you in every part of this new journey.